At Linear Consulting we provide an extensive array of consulting services to assist organizations in drawing insight from their data. Data is our passion and telling its story is what we do best.

Data Science & Business Analytics

Our belief is that it is not our job to tell a story with the date, but rather to tell the data’s story. We can provide you with insights into your data, answers to your vital questions, dashboards, and training for your internal resources.

Depending on your specific needs we will leverage predictive modeling, machine learning, statistical methods, econometrics, visualizations, dashboards, automation, or data cleaning to provide you with viable solutions.

Geospatial Analysis

Our geospatial analysis provides an additional source of insight & deeper understanding of your data. Our Geospatial Consulting Services include geographical mapping, route optimization, network analysis, and proximity analysis. We specialize in emergency response time analysis for municipalities seeking to better understand or optimize their response times to both meet national guidelines and improve resident safety.

Many organizations are yet to realize the power of geospatial analysis. Visualizing your data geographical in a customized map enables our clients to better understand their data or market. We have the ability to perform network or route optimization within our geospatial services. The real value is seen when combing geospatial analysis with our data or business services. The insight is compounded in ways that provide our clients exceptional return on their investment.

Our services have been contracted by various local governments to provide emergency response time analysis, track city services, and propose infrastructure improvements. Our findings have been the foundation of decisions to improve policy, staffing, infrastructure project selection, and fire station location. Let us show your business or your municipality how geospatial analysis has a world of applications to provide you with the answers that you need.

Research Consulting

Our Research Consulting Services are rooted in sound empirical methods. This enables you to make educated decisions with confidence. We provide research consulting for both small and large projects, and on any subject matter or industry.

As our early work began in professional academic research, we have modeled our approach similar to that same methodical and verified method. We are confident that our focus on discerning the difference between causation and correlation provides our client with confidence in our results. This confidence translates in properly informed decision making.


Whether your firm is just beginning to explore the potential of analytics or you have a well established approach, we can help. Linear Consulting takes a personal approach to developing our clients’ business analytics, data science, data flow, and information architecture strategies. The first step is to immerse ourselves in your operations and data. Once we have a deep understanding of your organization, we can develop both a short and long term plan to to help your company reach its goals. Our strategy consulting will provide your organization with a customized roadmap to success.